Sol Washington started his career as a photographer at a very early age. As a high school student, his work was published in a book entitled “Picture L.A.” Landmarks of a New Generation, a project organized by the J.Paul Getty Conservation Institute in 1994. While on this 10 month assignment, Sol was mentored by acclaimed photo journalist Lauren Greenfield who was the lead photographer of the Project. Working with Lauren provided a solid foundation in the area of composition, as well as technique, and also gave him quite a bit of exposure (An exhibit at the Getty Museum, Television features on CNN, KTLA, and Life & Times… Article in L.A. Times, article in LA Youth, and several other written publications…) This experience lead to many other assignments including an exhibit at the UNESCO (United Nations) in Paris where he served as an ambassador for all of the youth involved in the “Picture L.A.” project, and showcased his work to critics from all around the world. After Graduating from college, Sol Washington Co-Founded “What Is Creativity” and quickly established a name for himself in Southern California shooting weddings, and other special events as well as designing Web Sites for small businesses. In December of 2006 he was assigned to photograph a one of a kind bus trip organized by Los Angeles School bus driver Tanya Walters who drove twenty inner-city high school students into the heart of New Orleans to distribute supplies to hundreds of hurricane victims. From this trip spawned GODPARENTS YOUTH ORGANIZATION. That bus ride soon became a regular assignment as Sol Washington covered several more cross-country trips with Tanya and her students, two of which were 30 days long. In the summer trip of 2007 Sol was mentored by another renown award winning photographer by the name of Ron Haviv, who was commissioned to compile a photo essay of Godparents Youth Organization by People Magazine. Sol learned a lot from him that summer and quoted “Working with Ron, changed my life.. ” While traveling on these amazing excursions Sol Washington was able to capture thousands of still shots as well as shooting and editing several Documentary Films. Sol’s work was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The CBS Morning Show, The Los Angeles Times, Guide Post Magazine, Inland Valley News Paper, Smooth Jazz Magazine, The Los Angeles Sentinel and much more…